An authentic Mexican Party

Published : 25/01/2009 08:13:31
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Over a year ago, our neighbours went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico. They had a great time, and have been including tidbits from their Mexico trip since then. It is not uncommon for one of them to wave to us from their garden and shout "Que pasa?"

While the language lesson has not paid off yet, there have been some other benefits to their trip for the rest of us. This past spring, they hosted a Cinco de Mayo party. I did a quick poll, and several other friends identified the fifth of May as Mexican Independence Day. It's not. Mexican Independence Day is in September. May 5th commemorates a Mexican army victory over a French army, and is not even celebrated throughout the entire Mexican country. Nonetheless, in my neighbourhood, it is now an excuse to have a party that includes tequila.

It really was a fun party. They had quesadillas-cheese filled tortilla sandwiches. The kids loved them. They had tortilla chips in a Wild West bowl, and five different flavours of salsa to taste-test. My son and I both preferred the mildest one. Not much of a surprise, but my five year old daughter took a strong liking to the spiciest of the lot.

In addition to the aforementioned tequila, they served Mexican beer and margaritas. For the children, they whipped up a frozen berry lemonade that I enjoyed almost as much as my margarita. The kids got to help make it by blending the frozen berries then straining the juice to remove any seeds. Witha plethora of party supplies, balloons and decorations, I do not know how authentic any part of this Mexican party event really was, but it was a fun way to spend an afternoon. There was only one downside-my daughter is now asking us to stock spicy salsa in the house. Que beuno!

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