An Easter Party is a great way to bring your neighbourhood together

Published : 01/02/2009 07:29:57
Categories : Seasonal Parties

With Easter coming up after the holiday season passes, you may want to think ahead if you want to host your neighbourhood's premier Easter party for the younger children. This is a great idea if you have just moved into a neighbourhood, or if you want to help your child meet new friends since it is an excuse to get everyone together.

For decorations and party supplies you can pick out pastel coloured cups, plates, and tablecovers. You also should look into finding some bunny decorations and some helium balloons in the pastel colour theme that you choose to give your home a touch of Easter spirit.

Instead of party bags, you could host an Easter egg hunt by hiding Easter eggs throughout your garden. Of course, you can hide sweets and other small typical party favors as well. You can also purchase a few larger gifts such as stuffed rabbits (not the real kind of course) or other soft toys for major prizes. A Pinata party game makes another great piece of party entertainment for an Easter party. Whilst it may seem a bit crawl, waking a Duck Pinata with a big stick, it can be great fun. Once again it’s not the real thing!

Finally, no Easter party would be complete without a party buffet, and a party is not a party without a cake. To complete your theme, you might plan ahead and organise a chocolate rabbit cake for your party guests – yum….nothing like a little chocolate overload at Easter!

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