An Easy Bar Bet You'll Almost Always Win

Published : 13/06/2012 12:23:03
Categories : Party Tricks

Here at Parteaz we like our bar bets and party tricks, and throughout this blog we've included quite a few. But here's a bar bet that's a little different from the ones we've covered so far, and can be done easily almost anywhere at any time. However, don't let his versatility fool you, because of course the real place to try this is at the bar just as it is your turn to buy the drinks. These days we don't tend to really come across roman numerals very often. In fact these days it seems if a student comes across roman numerals in a textbook which uses roman numerals for page numbers they are probably more likely to think that the author is leaving kisses at the bottom of each page. For most of us roman numerals tend to be limited to the bottom of the end credits of television programmes and films, and perhaps it is this slight unfamiliarity with them which makes this bar bet so effective. On a piece of paper write out the roman numerals for the number 9. This means writing a letter followed by the letter X, as in the diagram below: An Easy Bar Bet You'll Almost Always Win

Explain to your friends that with just one stroke of the pen it is possible to convert the 9 into a 6. Challenge them to do this, and they will probably find it a little difficult. Have a look at it yourself, and see if you can work out how it is possible. It appears to be a simple mathematical challenge, and one which appears virtually impossible. The rule is simple, you are only allowed to make one stroke with a pen, and the result must very clearly and unequivocally be the number 6 rather than the number 9. As is traditional in this blog, we'll post the answer in a day or two, so make sure that you bookmark this blog and come back soon!

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