An Easy, Self Working Repeatable Card Trick Prediction

Published : 09/10/2012 14:50:28
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An Easy, Self Working Repeatable Card Trick PredictionHere at Parteaz we like magic tricks, and we're especially fond of those simple but astonishing magic tricks and bar betchas which either make you look like some sort of god, or get a free round of drinks bought for you, or both. Here for your delectation and delight we're proud to bring you another one of our collection of easy card tricks which takes just minutes to learn, yet will have your audience members scratching their heads unable to work out how you did it.

This card trick is a prediction, but unlike with many prediction tricks, you can repeat it right away, and the result will be different! Okay then, cards ready, fingers primed, novelty top hat with a rubber chicken hidden inside the secret compartment donned - off we go.

How It Looks To Your Audience

The mesmerising purveyor of magical miracles (you) hands a pack of cards to his/her awe inspired audience member, and asks them to shuffle the cards as much as they wish. As they do this you write a prediction on a piece of paper, fold this up and place it in full view on the table (or boat deck, landing platform, cockpit, or indeed wherever you happen to be performing.) Once your volunteer has thoroughly shuffled the deck you ask them to deal the cards out two at a time. If each pair of cards contains two red cards then they are to place these, face up, in a pile to one side (we'll call this 'the red pile' because, well..)

If the pair of cards contains two black cards then these go on the 'black pile', but if the pair of cards contains one of each, this goes in a discard pile. They are to continue dealing the cards out until they have dealt the whole deck. You pick up the discard pile and place it back in the box out of the way, while your volunteer counts up the number of red cards and the number of black cards in each pile.

They find, perhaps, that there are 12 red cards, and only 8 black cards, at which point you ask them to pick up and open your prediction which states clearly that 'There will be four more red cards than black ones', which indeed there are! Your audience is agog, and asks if you can do it again. You agree, removing the previously discarded cards from the box, and combining the whole deck once more, handing it back for them to shuffle thoroughly.

Meanwhile you write a fresh prediction and place it, folded, on the table. Once again the volunteer deals out the cards two at a time, discarding any pair which contains both a black and a red, and placing all red pairs and all black pairs in their respective piles. Once they have completed this they count up the cards in each pile, and find that there are now 12 black and 12 red - a different result from the first time! You invite them to open your prediction, and they discover that you are once again correct, having written 'There will be the same number in each pile'. You are indeed little short of a being a god in your own living room.

How To Do It

You are now probably leaning forwards, full of eagerness and wonderment, possibly even drooling gently over the keyboard in anticipation of my revealing the secret to this awe inspiring feat of magical wonderment. But I'm afraid we have a tradition here at Parteaz, of revealing the secret to the magic trick a day or two later! Yes people, you'll need to bookmark this blog, and head back in a couple of days to discover just how you too can become a predictor of the future. Although, obviously, if you really could predict the future you'd have already read the post we'll be publishing in a couple of days. Although, obviously, if you really could predict the future, you wouldn't need to learn how to do card tricks!

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