An Exile Island party for Survivor fans

Published : 26/03/2009 14:22:21
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Have an Exile Island party like you see on Survivor and make it a really neat scavenger hunt. Divide your guests into teams, the more teams you have the more fun it will be. Obviously this is an outdoor party and depending on the age group involved make your clues as difficult or as easy as necessary.

 If you have access to a lake or a river, take some time the day before and layout an interesting course. If your guests are adults, the harder you make the course the better. Make the clues correspond to the area. You can make it a GPS exercise if you like but I prefer the old "X" marks the spot Pirate thing. Use a "lone pine tree" and "ten paces to the big rock" head north to the river’s edge and turn left, follow the get the idea. Eventually bring them back to a to your Exile Island base camp, setup with a Picnic Tableware with food and goodies nearby. Don't forget a few picnic party supplies and some suitable liquid refreshment.   The last part of the course will have them digging for the buried treasure; here a sandy beach comes in very handy, just be sure to cover you tracks. When you bury the chest you want it to stay fairly dry so the treasure doesn't get ruined, so don't put it too close to the water's edge.

In preparation for the Exile Island party, you'll need to construct a wooden box and paint it to resemble a pirates chest. If time is short or if that task simply fills you with dread, then get a treasure chest pinata instead. Fill the chest with Pirate booty, pearls (party beads), doubloons and pieces of eight, a ruby necklace etc and if you like a few lottery scratch cards. Share your bounty after your picnic although if you've used a pinata you’ll have one more job remaining, to bust open the treasure chest with a large stick and claim your bounty reward.

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