An Ice Luminary Party

Published : 07/02/2009 07:09:39
Categories : Seasonal Parties

I have been exposed to a number of new experiences through my wife's family. She comes from a large family, and has some very creative and interesting brothers and sisters. One of her sisters is a teacher, and is always coming up with new ideas for fun things to do. One of her recent get-together's was an ice luminariy party.

I confess, when I first heard of this I did not know what a luminary party was all about. In general, luminaries’ are small candle lanterns placed along a path. They are often used to decorate and light the path to the door of a house. The candles are placed in a small pot or some other decoration, and are spaced a few feet apart on both sides of the path.

The spin for this party was ice. She provided candles, water, and plastic buckets. We put water in one bucket, and then put a second bucket inside the first. This forced the water up along the walls between the two buckets. We set the assembly outside, and returned to the party inside.

While I sipped wine and complained about the cold, the water in our buckets froze solid. We warmed them slightly by putting warm water in the inside bucket. This freed it from the ice. We then dipped the outside bucket into warm water, freeing it from the ice.

We were left with a bucket sized piece of ice. We lit our candles, set them into the ground, and put the ice shapes on top. What an absolutely beautiful display this was. Everybody wanted to stay outside and watch the candle light sparkle off of the ice. Of course, the cold eventually got the better of us, but even when we left that evening we got to see the patterns made by the flame and the melting ice. Take advantage of the cold weather for a change, and have an Ice Luminary Party this winter.


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