An iPod Cake is Perfect for a Teenage Party

Published : 04/07/2009 08:36:14
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

An iPod cake can generally please just about any teenager. Teens have a universal love of music. While the days of brightly coloured character cakes are gone you can still show your creativity with an iPod cake. Parents everywhere have struggled with the idea of parental embarrassment, as their teens roll their eyes. The iPod cake is like having an ace in the hole when it comes to making your teenager proud with your ability to be cool.

Teenage parties are a difficult prospect, especially when you and your teen don't exactly agree on end times, parental supervision, and other aspects of the party. Regardless of the conflicts and the special moments that teens give their parents, there is such gratitude for a party thrown without a hitch. This is where the iPod cake comes in. You know that they will love it and you know that for that one moment you have won your teenager over.

As your teen grows, you start to realize that they are becoming adults in so many different ways and that despite the interesting ride that it is to be a parent to a teenager, you are still not ready for them to be so grown up. These little moments, like the right cake at their party or the little moments when they are still your kids, come to mean a lot to both of you.

For a teenage party, there should be loud music, dancing, refreshments, fun, supervision, and of course, the iPod cake to boot. As these things come together to create the party that will make you and your teen quite happy with the brilliant situation it has all turned out to be, you get to relish in the cool parent category while you stay there.

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