An Unusual Place to get married

Published : 11/04/2009 05:44:35
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

OK were not talking frugal here, although with the global financial situation what it is, everything is way less expensive than just a year ago. How about an Alaska Cruise from Seattle Washington as an unusual place to get married. There is nothing more romantic than aboard a cruise ship with the Captain to perform the ceremony, better yet, since that's been done, how about the local Aleut bishop in Skagway doing the honours.

The cruises are only available in the summer; they leave port in Seattle on Sunday afternoon and return the following Sunday morning. Accommodations run the gamut from balcony suites with private butler for about £6000, to small interior cabins for a fraction of the price. Most cruise lines are represented from Cunard to Princess and everything in between, and most make approximately the same run.

From Juno to Sitka to Yakutat to Ketchikan, or any combination, any of which would be an unusual place to get married and you have the remainder of the cruise for a reception /honeymoon all in the lap of luxury. There is a world famous pub in Juno called the Red Dog Saloon and with enough warning, they will throw you a party that I guarantee will have your friends talking longer than most marriages will last. Contact your preferred cruise line if you decide on this unusual place to get married, the best cabins go fast, these cruises are very popular as will you be when you take your friends and family with you.

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