Animal Cakes For A Zoo Themed Party

Published : 29/05/2016 08:55:27
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Here at Parteaz we have lots of ideas to choose from when selecting animal cakes for a zoo themed party. From wild tigers to cute little pandas, we have an animal cake for everyone no matter what your favourite animal may be.

Our choice of animal cakes for zoo themed parties come in both vanilla and chocolate sponge and can be custom made with the name and age of the birthday boy or girl. Our design team are on hand to talk you though all of the options so give the team a call today and see how we can help make your zoo themed party come alive.

Zoo Themed Party Ideas 

If you are planning a zoo themed party to go with your animal cake then we have some fab ideas to help get you started.


Food is such a great way to have fun with your party theme.  For a zoo themed party why not try these exciting ideas.

Monkey Lollies:  Cut bananas in half and pop them onto lolly sticks.  Dip into melted chocolate until the banana is completely covered and then roll in a thin layer or chopped nut or popping candy. Place your creations on a lined tray and freeze for 4 hours before serving to your guests.

Animal Feed: Serve your wild ones this fun animal feed in little paper bags like they doo at the zoo for a snack your guests will love. Mix M&Ms, mini marshmallows, raisins and smashed ginger nuts in a large bowl before transferring into individual bags. (This also makes a great ice cream topping for dessert)


Bring your zoo themed party to life with some animal inspired games and activities.

Hire someone to do animal face painting or make your guests balloon animals for your guests during the party. Or you could set up a craft table to make animal masks and fill a dressing up box full of animal costumes and get the children to put on a show. 

If your budget is a little higher you could go really wild and hire a petting zoo or reptile handler to attend your party for a meet and greet with the animals.


Once you have chosen your animal cake for your zoo themed party you will need to select some decorations to further the scene.

Take inspiration for the natural habit of your child’s favourite animal or go mad with fake fur and amainal prints. Use stuffed animals as decorations to brighten up the room (these can then be used in party bags later) and have music from animal themed movies playing in the background.

Fill your zoo themed party bags with our tasty animal cake and books or DVDs featuring animals such as Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Madagascar, Ice Ace and The Jungle Book.


Our full range of animal cakes for a zoo themed party can be found on our website.

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