Animal Face Painting at a Kids Party

Published : 11/04/2009 15:30:42
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

I had always shied away from doing animal face painting for a kids party mostly because I didn't think that I would be able to paint their faces very well. It seemed like it would be difficult to keep a child sitting still long enough in a party atmosphere so that I could create some magical work of art. Of course, it did eventually dawn on me that it didn't have to be a Picasso, just the resemblance of an animal. So, for the last kids party I threw, I included on my kids party supplies list an animal face painting kit. It was a huge success. Even though the lion face that I tried that ended up looking more like Mr. Cuddles (our cat) than the ferocious beast I was going for, the kids loved it.

The most surprising aspect of trying animal face painting is that despite the party, most of the kids sat still and let me go to work on their faces. Not all the faces came out to perfection, but these kids thought it was absolutely brilliant... I had a great time watching them act as though they were the animal that was painted on their face and I even dabbled a little of the paint on myself to join in. A few whiskers and all the little ones suddenly voted me the coolest mum at the party. Lesson learned: Animal face painting isn't about producing Broadway quality faces. It's just about having a lot of fun at your kid's party.

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