Another Disney Princess Party

Published : 01/02/2009 13:45:59
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Our neighbour across the street has a daughter that is a week older than my daughter. The girls did not get along well at first, but over time are now fast friends. They go to school together, play together, and have parties together. They had a pajama party in the autumn.

This past weekend my daughter went across the street in her pajamas as soon as she woke up, and spent the entire morning there. What we found out later was that the girls were planning their next party. It would be held at our house. Our neighbour has a younger brother, and a dog. Neither the brother, nor the dog, could be relied on to maintain their characters. My daughter told us that they would have a Disney Princess party. My son heard this and shouted that he loved Disney Cars! He was quickly corrected. The house would be decorated like a castle with pretty pastel party supplies and decorations, maybe some balloons too and the two girls would come dressed as Disney princesses.

Princesses love to dance and sing, and everyone knows that the animals all love the sound of their voices. Our neighbour came to our house dressed like Disney Princess Belle. They played princess music and cut out paper birds and squirrels. They taped the paper animals to the walls. My son was pressed into service as a prince. They tied a towel around his neck for a cape, and made a paper hat with a paper feather. Watching him as a prince was reason enough to enjoy this party. He clearly would have rather been playing cars, but he stuck to his role and did his part.

As the party wound down, cleanup time came. The girls tried singing to get help from their paper animals. The handsome prince also pulled a disappearing act. Disney Princesses do their jobs though, and the girls put everything away. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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