Are You Feeling All Shook Up On Elvis's Birthday?

Published : 08/01/2013 15:02:32
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Are You Feeling All Shook Up On Elvis's Birthday?After a New Year's break at Heartbreak Hotel we're feelin' all shook up, but with amazing grace our customers are always on our mind, and we have confidence that any day now, come what may, there'll be a happy ending.

So how many Elvis song titles did you count? That's right, today, January 8th, is the birthday of the King himself, that ol' rock legend that keeps on swinging the hips, Elvis 'The Pelvis' Presley.

Today he'd be 78 years old, and amazingly it's now 36 years since he died. We definitely suspect that the karaoke machines will be blaring out a few of the old tunes tonight (756 of them to choose from!) and that there will be a few Elvis themed parties. But whether you're donning your blue suede shoes for a little Viva Las Vegas, or you're just going to be a stranger in a crowd, we have a few Elvis Presley party items which could certainly help your event go with a swing.

If you're having a 60s themed party, or someone who was born in the 60s is having a party (they'll be between 44 and 53, whatever they claim) then having a few Elvis themed decorations will definitely go down well.

From our Elvis Presley life size cutout figure wearing the classic gold suit, or the lifesize cutout of him wearing a red shirt, to our Hollywood Elvis scene setters and even a fabulous handmade Elvis cake, you'll certainly create a scene, and offer a fabulous opportunity for photos with the legend! C'mon everybody - whip out the go-go boots and the miniskirts, resurrect the bell-bottom jeans and the paisley shirts, and head off to Blueberry Hill and follow that dream!

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