Argh! Only 352 Shopping Days To Christmas!

Published : 07/01/2013 23:57:57
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Let's kick off with a 'Happy New Year' from all of us here at Parteaz. We hope that 2013 is as good for you as we all hoped 2012 would be in 2011.

Argh! Only 352 Shopping Days To Christmas!

Now, on to this year, and looking ahead at the next twelve months (and ignoring the fact that there are now only 352 shopping days left to Christmas 2013) how are your resolutions holding up? It was Mark Twain who said that "New Year's is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls and humbug resolutions." Humbug resolutions? Well, perhaps, but we thought we would share some of our resolutions with you, in the hope that you might share some of yours with us in return!

So here we go with our Parteaz resolutions for 2013. For the sake of our staff's dignity (what's left of it after the festive celebrations) we won't reveal names.

1. I resolve to not smoke a single cigarette all year. (After we applauded her for this we then realised she's a non-smoker anyway.)

2. I resolve to come up with better passwords than the word 'password'. (We discovered that resolution after logging in to his email account.)

3. I resolve to save more water by sharing my shower more often. (Frankly we don't want to know.)

4. I resolve to not phone up work pretending to be ill as often. (We're now looking into this one.) 5. I resolve to save money by doing less laundry and using more deodorant. (We're trying to see if we can find him a special new office all his own. At the other end of the car park.) So, go on then - what are your resolutions for 2013, and have you broken them yet?

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