Around the World Party

Published : 08/01/2009 07:32:27
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

I have been fortunate to work with a very diverse group of smart people throughout most of my career. I have worked for a university, a large multinational corporation, and several small technology startups.  All of these organizations have done a great job in attracting top-notch talent from all points on the globe.

Organizations that take advantage of diversity still face challenges in managing that diversity. One of the greatest challenges I saw was the celebration of different religious and cultural holidays. One of the most creative resolutions I saw to this challenge was an Around the World party.

For an Around the World party, every unique tradition is identified and sponsored. The sponsor is the person who is from the part of the world where the tradition is celebrated. Reserve the day for this kind of party-there's always  a lot of very interesting food and drink.  Encourage sponsors to consider games, and where appropriate, traditional grub.  Be sure to use neutral party supplies and tableware. This party encourages everyone to sample the culture that everyone else has to offer.  It encourages discussion, and promotes person-to-person communication that can, in addition to being fun, have significant payoff to the business.  If you think to yourself, "well, we’ve already done a party like this", then try a twist.  Instead of having the sponsor prepare their traditional meal, have them instruct a co-worker on how to do it!


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