Arranging Corporate Parties

Published : 06/04/2009 13:57:31
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Truth be told, corporate parties and work do's don’t have to be such a drag, in fact people should look at these parties as a great escape from their everyday work! If you have been put in charge of planning the yearly corporate party, take the time to read over these tips.   First things first, you need to look into getting out of the actual office for this party.

Most work parties are simply planned and thrown at the office, which is why most people tend to dread these events. But, if you choose a place that everyone is sure to love such as a classy restaurant or even a small pub, you are sure to get full attendance. From there, you want to give everyone plenty of notice so that they have no way of making any excuses or ducking out. You could even go so far as to make the party mandatory, which is what some offices are currently doing.

If your company cannot afford to rent out a bar or a restaurant, then look into getting some catering to come over to the office and decorating it up with a few themed party supplies.. This will give everyone a much needed break as well as a decent lunch! The best thing that you can remember is the fact that corporate parties do not have to be boring.

In fact all you really need to do is get everyone together and go have some fun. If you don't want to sit around at the bar, then try bowling, or maybe go to a park. Organized games can help to break the ice and get everyone into the party spirit. Think of corporate parties as team building exercises if you like with the emphasis on fun – but please no role play!

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