As Predicted - The Answer To Our Magic Prediction Trick

Published : 02/09/2011 18:50:22
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Throughout this blog we try to offer a variety of helpful and entertaining advice about everything to do with parties, including bar stunts and magic tricks. Most people like magic tricks, and we're happy to offer a few easy to do tricks which you can try out at your next party.

A few days ago we described a great little card trick ( that is easy to do, requires no setup, can be performed with a borrowed pack of cards and yet seems quite impossible. The good news is that today we're going to reveal the secret so that you can enjoy astounding your friends and family at your next event! In case you missed it, the trick goes like this:

With any deck of cards at all you hand the pack out to an audience member to shuffle. They then select any twelve cards, without showing you. This is a completely free choice. You then place a prediction in the middle of the table, face down. This can either be on paper, or it could be a text message sent to someone's phone for them to keep hidden until the end of the trick. Once they have chosen their twelve cards they then choose four of these, and give the rest back to you to put with the rest of the deck.

Next the volunteer lays their four cards out face up in front of them. Using the rest of the deck they deal enough cards onto each of the four cards to bring their value to 10. So if the first card was a 7 they'd deal 3 cards onto it; a 4 would need 6 cards and so on. Picture cards count as 10 so don't need any extra cards. Once they've done this they then add together the values of each of their selected four cards. So if they chose the 7 hearts, 4 clubs, 9 diamonds and Jack of spades they'd add up 7+4+9+10=30. They then deal 30 cards from the remainder of the pack, keeping the last card.

The prediction made at the beginning of the trick is then revealed, and the magician reminds everyone that the pack was shuffled by a spectator, that 12 cards were freely chosen, without the magician knowing any of them, and that four of these were finally selected, again completely freely. There seems no way the performer could possibly have known which card the volunteer would eventually select, yet when the card in the volunteer's hand is turned over it is seen to exactly match the prediction! So how is it done? It's actually incredibly easy to do. Hand the pack to the spectator to shuffle, and then get them to choose any twelve cards without you seeing. When they hand the rest of the pack back to you, all you do is catch a sneak glimpse of the bottom card. This will be the card you predict.

When they hand the 8 discarded cards back to you to add to the remainder of the pack, put these on the bottom of the deck. This makes your predicted card 9th from the bottom. At this point maths takes over. Following the directions above the spectator will always arrive at the card 9th from bottom, which means you can predict it however you like and in complete confidence! This is a very easy trick to do, which gives you the opportunity to really enjoy performing it, adding in whatever extra effect or drama you like. Just remember it's best not to repeat this trick too soon, and of course never give away the secret! Have fun with this routine. If you do try to at one of your parties, why not drop us a line and tell us how you got on, and what the reaction of your audience was? You might even be tempted to use this trick to wager a round of drinks at the bar! Watch this space for more great party ideas, and lots more bar stunts and magic tricks to come.

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