Avoid Discrimination At Your Children's Parties!

Published : 03/03/2011 13:07:03
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Well, all right, perhaps the title is a little on the unnecessarily scary side, although in today's culture who knows when we'll see a parent sued for discriminating against the boys in the class for not inviting them to a girls' fancy dress party?

But here's the thing - themed parties are hugely popular right now. The amount of fancy dress costumes available for children is astounding - there's never been more choice. Children love dressing up, and a children's fancy dress party is a great idea. But what theme do you come up with? If you have a little girl then you may be looking at a Disney Princess themed party, which is certainly one of the most popular ones at the moment.

Naturally all of the little girls will turn up wearing a variety of gowns, and will look very cute. But what about the boys? It's rare that a child doesn't have friends of both sexes, and they'll naturally want to invite as many people as they can (more presents of course! They're not daft are they?) But this poses a problem.

What do you suggest the boys turn up as? Well, with a little imagination you could easily offer a suggestion by noting on the invitations that it is a 'Princesses & Knights' fancy dress party. Boys love dressing up, as it invariably gives them a chance to wield a sword, a gun, or both. Little boys can wear some brilliant knights costumes, and with either our Wooden Sword and Shield - Lion or our Wooden Sword and Shield - Dragon your little boy will become a very convincing knight, able to rescue any fair princess from the jaws of a ravenous dragon.

Either that or whack the heck out of all the other boys at the party. Other popular children's party themes include pirates, and with a little thought this could become Peter Pan, with the boys dressing as pirates and the girls as Tinkerbell. Of course, many little girls will want to come dressed as pirates too, but it's worth thinking carefully about your preferred theme, and just thinking how it could be gently and carefully adapted to become even more inclusive!

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