Avon Party?

Published : 22/02/2009 13:15:03
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My five and a half year old daughter is fast friends with a five and a half year old girl that lives across the street from us. The two girls are a week apart in age. They did not always get along well, but now have great fun together, so I was not entirely surprised to hear that my daughter would be visiting her house for a few hours in the evening. "It's a big girl party, daddy, and I am a big girl, so I get to go," she explained to me.

I checked in with my wife on this. What kind of big girl party was my daughter going to? Our neighbour's mother, it turns out, sells Avon products. She has a stable of regular customers (my wife not included, surprisingly enough) and she periodically has her girls over for a party. They get to see new products, try them out, and of course place orders.

A new spin on this get-together is to encourage mothers to bring their daughters. The younger kids get to play with make-up, and this time they get a toy bracelet to take home. Even more importantly, she gets these girls interested in her products at an early age. They see their mothers buying from her, and it's just a natural extension that they will buy from her too when they are old enough. As a business development strategy, it is brilliant.

At this age, I am not in love with the idea of my little girl using make-up, but I do think she will have fun playing with her friend. I can't wait to see how she looks when she comes home. And, as long as she does not come home with a bag full of products, I think it will be ok.


Great article Dennis. Not sure if Avon reps do these parties in the UK though. My experience of Avon is a catalogue through the door as a child and the ding dong "Avon Calling" line that has stayed with me for years. Now that is a great piece of branding! Wouldn’t mind attending an Avon party though if there is such a thing about. They used to do a great hand cream that’s in a white tube - brilliant stuff!


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