Back To The 80's Party

Published : 22/12/2008 14:30:34
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

A great party idea is one that takes you back to your youth, or at least the period that supposedly brought the world some of the best music, and some suitably dodgy clothing. It was an age of big shoulder pads, Dallas on TV and new wave music such as wham and Duran Duran. A back to the 80's party will encourage your party guests to bring along memorable items from the time such as music, clothes and those memorable pictures showing off the fashionable 80's fashion trends. For this party event, make sure that you buy plenty of balloons to stick up around the room, and don't forget a set of good old disco lights to make the event more authentic. Some suitable party food for this event would be good old sausages on a stick, a selection of sandwiches, and simple jelly and ice cream to throw in for desert. The fancy dress event should be linked to the bands and fashion styles that your party guests were into at that time. Some great ideas for fancy dress would be, Adam ant (don't forget to stick on the layers of makeup), large suit jackets for Duran, Duran and good old denims to dress up like Status Quo. These are just a few ideas, but you can be as creative as you want. You will find that the more out there that people dare to go, the more interesting the party becomes.  With the disco light turning, and the good old 80's party tunes blaring out you will feel back in your youth again. Of course you may need to dig out a record player for any discs that get brought along by your party guests. Make sure that you and your party guests thoroughly enjoy the back to the 80's party evening and for one night take yourself back in time, let your imagination work wonders and picture yourself younger, and care free.

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