Bah! It's Wednesday, But Here's A Sheepish Idea For You

Published : 06/10/2010 14:26:44
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Well, here we are, we've made it half way through the week. Wednesday already. The problem with Wednesday is that it's long enough past the previous weekend for us to have fully recovered, remembered at least some of what we did, and regretted the rest, whilst still several days away from the coming weekend.

In fact, Wednesday is the furthest away way from a party, which in itself means that you probably have a really good excuse for having a party today. If you have work the next morning then you probably won't want a very raucous party, but there is always something to celebrate, and today is no exception. Wednesday sixth of October might not seem a particularly eventful day for you, but 241 years ago it was a very eventful day for one particular chap by the name of Jim.

Although to be perfectly honest with you, 241 years ago, in 1769, the sixth of October was actually a Friday, which is a perfect day for a celebration. Certainly it is very probable that Jim, known as Captain James Cook to his friends, had a very real reason to celebrate and have one heck of a party. Having spent a fair time at sea, Captain James Cook and the crew aboard the Endeavour discovered a little-known landmass known as New Zealand.

Today most people seem to know New Zealand as either somewhere particularly ferocious rugby team comes from, or where they filmed Lord of the Rings. So if you're looking for a party, you could easily take rugby as your theme, or Lord of the Rings, and invite along a few hobbits that you might know. Of course, there's something else which is almost certainly worth celebrating, and that's the fact that New Zealand boasts the largest proportion of sheep to humans. At the last count there were 10 times the number of sheep than there were people, although quite how anybody managed to count many sheep without falling asleep all the time I'm not sure.

So why not cook up a good New Zealand lamb roast tonight, and celebrate Captain James Cook discovering a land that has become the natural accompaniment to mint. This might all seem like a bit of light-hearted fun, and you may have noticed that on several occasions in the past throughout this blog I have thrown in a few ideas for reasons to have a little celebration based on interesting facts throughout history. Of course, you might take this at simply face value, and have another excuse for a party.

But for those people who have children, a little celebration like this can be an ideal way of bringing a little bit of history alive, and providing an excellent opportunity to introduce to children important people, events and geography that might otherwise never really be discussed or brought up. Few parents would sit down with their child and tell them all about Captain James Cook, the Endeavour, New Zealand, or indeed sheep. But by finding out on which particular day New Zealand was discovered, and cooking up a lamb roast dinner, you have the ideal opportunity to introduce the subject.

There's always the opportunity of bringing interesting facts and occasions that might otherwise be completely overlooked into little events such as this, and in simple ways like these, and they can often prove highly beneficial, as well as fun - and delicious! For more excuses to hold a party, or for more ideas about interesting events or facts which could be used in similar ways, make sure you check this blog out regularly. From party tricks to party ideas, and from interesting facts and astonishing recipes, we aim to provide an all round party service!

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