Balloon Catchers Party Game

Published : 10/11/2008 08:52:02
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

"Balloon catchers" is a fun party game which can be played to involve everyone. The best thing about this game is that it makes so much more use of balloons rather than just having them lying around decoratively. It's a team race type game, whoever collects the most balloons before the music stops wins! You will need lots of balloons for this party game – enough so that the game is challenging as everyone runs around trying to get their own colour.

You will need a large room to play this party game, alternatively it can be organised in the garden. Each team will be assigned a colour (or more than one), and will have a container or box (cardboard box or laundry basket) placed in their corner. The only other ingredient then is fun party music. Separate each team into a different corner, and dump the balloons in the centre. Start the music and let the pandemonium commence!

You can change the party game to suit your tastes. The music can be stopped periodically to add a statues dimension, or it can be played so that whenever the music stops the team with the least amount of balloons is out. You can crank up the silliness by dictating that the balloons must be placed in the box in a particular fashion such as with the children's feet or whilst rubbing their tummy, or saying a funny word. The possibilities are endless.

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