Ban on the Party Game British Bulldog

Published : 02/07/2009 04:13:32
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Originally used in militant training, the game British Bulldog has been banned throughout most of the UK. The game is like a mass game of tag, where there are 4 or 5 "bulldogs" ready to chase the remaining children and tag them. As a party game, school yard game, or social gathering game British Bulldog has been deemed to be a rather violent past time.

Many people feel that the tagging rules are the reason that kids take the game too far. Instead of just being touched by a British Bulldog, this party game encourages two of the bulldogs to grab the wrists of a single child while chanting, "1.2.3. British Bulldog!" Alternatively, one can be tagged by being picked up, which ultimately leads to the eventual "dropping" of children.

While the ban doesn't necessarily stop children from playing as a party game, most adults are recognizing that this is one of those games that can easily lend itself to potential injury and rough playing and should be closely supervised. Schools and recreational organizations have simply banned the British Bulldog party game altogether to eliminate potential problems.

Because of the ban on the game it is not recommended that parents allow or encourage the British Bulldog party game at their child’s parties. This can potentially lead to problems with the other parents, especially if roughness or injury does occur. In this case, it is much better to be safe than sorry, although I must say part of me still has that “didn’t do me any harm” mentality that I just can’t seem to shake.

There are a host of other party games that can be played in place of British bulldog. Parties are most definitely for having fun, loading up on party supplies and party goodies, and enjoying the company of others. Whatever your parties occasion you can plan out activities and games for kids that will encourage the peace while still having a fantastic time.

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