Bar Mitzvah Party nostalgia

Published : 20/03/2009 13:51:14
Categories : Seasonal Parties

We were talking at work the other day about great parties that we had attended. I talked about a tequila party. Our general manager talked about a football party. Another colleague discussed a party she attended over Christmas where she learned a new game that she liked so much that she made it a theme for her New Year's party. A fourth colleague mentioned a Bar Mitzvah party. Now, what was strange about this was that he was not talking about a Bar Mitzvah that he attended in the last year or two. He was talking about his own Bar Mitzvah, over fifteen years ago.

Some of us needed a bit of the back story on Bar Mitzvahs, so Robbie explained that a Bar Mitzvah acknowledges that a boy has reached an adult age in the Jewish faith. The official age of majority is the boy's thirteenth birthday. He now has an obligation to follow the commandments, and can participate in religious services. The temple ceremony involves the boy reading from the Torah for the first time. The religious aspect of the Bar Mitzvah sounds much like Confirmation in my own religion.

Fifteen years later, however, Robbie remembers not so much the Torah reading, but the party afterwards. His parents threw a huge reception, inviting friends and family from all over. Batman Returns had just come out, and he loved the movie, so the theme for his party was Batman. His parents hired a DJ, catered the food, and he got to drink beer for the first time with his older cousins. He confessed that this last bit was the real reason he had so much fun at the party. So much for some great religious revelation!

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