Barn Dance Party fun

Published : 06/07/2009 12:42:48
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

When you plan a barn dance you are planning the one social event that the teens will be blogging about all over the internet. This means that your party is going to get reviews and to get good reviews you are going to need to tap into your inner party animal. The barn dance party set up should be fun without being childish. You can bring in a specialty cake for the event, set up some good music, and dish out the punch into the party martini glasses with an innocuous eye. You don’t need to be a party expert to throw a really good barn dance, you just need to remember what it is like to be a teenager.

Of course a good barn dance is going to have appropriate lighting, a good dance surface, and chaperones that aren’t too hard on the kids as they make their way through the world of dancing with a partner. Offsetting the corners with bunches of foil balloons and gathering the kids together at the end of the night to send home party bags with trinkets stuffed inside is not a bad touch.

No matter how you put together your barn dance, your party is going to be a highlight for all the kids. There may even be a few adults who get involved and revisit their youth for an evening. A barn dance doesn’t have to be limited to rural kids, and inviting everyone from a school or recreational club gives all the teens a chance to become associated with the magic of barn dancing.

It is perfectly acceptable for you to break with tradition as you pull together your barn dance. The same party from twenty years ago can't always be thrown today. Instead, you want to tailor your party toward today's styles and today's music as it applies to the general population of the dance attendees. This way you know you are hitting the mark with your barn dance party.

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