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Published : 16/05/2009 07:03:10
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For a toddler taking, a bath in the evening just before bed is a magical time. When I was that young about all I had to play with during bath time was a wash cloth, but things have really changed. There are now bath time party bags full of really neat stuff for the toddlers' bath. You can make your own bath time party bag for your Child's next birthday party, add a couple of baby squeeze toy boats, these are really fun, they look like little tug boats. Another really great item is a bath bomb which you can buy although you might want to learn How to make your own Bath Bombs.

Some of these products are guaranteed to be toxic free and not to stain for instance Tinti products have this guarantee, it is a very good idea to look for safe items when shopping for children’s bath products. Know your source. Tinti have a party bag that contains a colouring tablet to make the bath water either red, yellow or blue, non staining of course, and a magic bath bomb that fizzes all around the bath water and when it’s spent it reveals a little prize, like a butterfly or an octopus.

Squeezey toy fish can be a fun addition to your party bags and they come in the same bright colours as do the squeeze toy boats, orange, pink, blue, and green. If you are generous to a fault and find that you have more bath toys than you can keep track of, you might want to consider a bath tray to put them all in. The bath tray is usually made from high impact plastic with some non slip pads and holds around ten pounds of toys; the good thing is, your kids can reach all the toys without having to fish around for them. One more item that is a must for the bath time party bag is a set of bath letters and numbers. These are made of foam and float in the water, when removed from the water they will stick to the wall until they dry. One kit includes twenty six letters and ten numbers and can create an excellent opportunity to learn while playing. Bath time is an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with your child, and the more fun you can make it the more memorable it will be.

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