Behold the latest celebrity trend - Dog birthday parties!

Published : 16/02/2009 07:28:54
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Most people will throw a party for any old reason, so if you are looking for a reason you may want to look down towards your feet. Why? Well one of the most popular posh celebrity trends is throwing dog birthday parties. That's right; if your canine friend has a birthday party coming up you may actually consider throwing a dog birthday party if you want to be like the rich and famous!

One of the brightest parts of hosting a dog birthday party is that for the most part your birthday pup and their friends are not going to mind how you throw the party as long as you remember a few dog biscuits. This is actually one party where doggie bags are much appreciated! So outside of purchasing a dog birthday cake, your main task will be decorating your dog birthday party for the human guests and providing them with edible treats.

For a dog birthday party you will want to send out invites in advance keeping in mind that you only want to invite a few friendly canine guests. You'll also want to limit the amount of four legged guests who appear with their owners as the more dogs, the more mess you will have to contend with after your party - if you get my drift.

Instead of birthday presents you also may include on your invites that a simple bone or chew is a satisfactory gift to bring along. This way you don't not end up with many more dog toys than your dog could possible need or even want - some dogs are quite picky about what they will and won't play with. Of course, since it is a dog birthday party you will want to have themed party supplies. Finally, you want to grab some dogs birthday party hats, as nothing will make for a better picture than your pup with a cone hat presiding over the birthday affairs. Don't forget to dish out your party bags with canine nibbles to take away - unlike at a kids party, you may not have many little people around to subtley remind you at the end.

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