Birthday Cakes: Chocolate or Vanilla Sponge?

Published : 24/06/2009 06:27:57
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Does it really matter whether your birthday cakes are chocolate or vanilla? Isn't it just the icing that matters? I think in part that this is often determined by the age of the birthday boy or girl. Kids seem too place a lot of importance on what type of birthday cake they have, everything from whether it is chocolate or vanilla to what colour the decorative designs are and whether the right amount of candles are on the cake. Once you pass the stage where you are still hoping for the right number of candles to hit the birthday cake, your preference for chocolate or vanilla sponge cake might not be so important.

Kids tend to only have the chocolate or vanilla option when it comes to their birthday cakes. Carrot cake, red velvet cupcakes, and other possible options just don't hit the radar of many birthday boys and girls. They often aren't into the realm of possible birthday cake combinations. Rather, the icing, the designs, and the way you hit the nail on the head when it comes to offering them a birthday cake that reflects their greatest interest of the moment counts more than whether their sponge cake is chocolate or vanilla.

If you are inviting grown ups to a child's birthday party, they are more likely to enjoy birthday cake eaten off paper character birthday plates if the combination is opposite from the cake. Thus, a chocolate birthday cake with vanilla icing or a vanilla cake with chocolate icing is generally better tolerated by adults than all chocolate or all vanilla.

Whatever you choose for a birthday cake, there is nothing quite as fulfilling as watching a bunch of happy kids with their paper character birthday plates, their birthday cake pieces, and their laughter. After all, it's a day of celebration.

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