Birthday Cakes For Tennis Lovers

Published : 28/06/2016 16:48:26
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With England once again leaving a summer football tournament earlier than we would have all liked it's time to turn our attentions to another British summer sporting institution; Wimbledon. Our pick of the best birthday cakes for tennis lovers are just what you need to kick start the Wimbledon fortnight - and would be the perfect choice of birthday cakes for a tennis themed birthday party.

Tennis Ball Cake

If the birthday girl of boy in question loves nothing more than to don their tennis whites and hit the courts at every opportunity this Tennis Ball Cake will be just the thing to dish up at their party. Coming in a choice of vanilla or chocolate sponge this giant tennis ball will put a smile on the face of any tennis lover that it is served to.

Tennis Court Cake

For those who love to watch tennis just as much as they love to play it our Tennis Court Cake will be a nice reminder of the pastime they adore so much. Again coming with a choice of vanilla or chocolate sponge this rectangular cake can also be personalised with a message of your choice. Our Tennis court cake is also topped with two model tennis players that can be custom made to a likeness of the birthday boy or girl making this cake great for joint birthday parties and also anniversary celebrations for tennis loving couples.

Tennis Number Birthday Cake

When your tennis themed party is for a ‘big’ birthday then an extra special cake is needed.  Number birthday cakes aren’t just for the little ones; they are a great way of making a fuss for a grown-up landmark birthday too. Our Tennis Adult Number Cakes are custom made to your exact specification, so will reflect your guest of honor perfectly.  Pick their favourite sponge cake from chocolate or vanilla, give us their age, your message and a description of them to base our model on and you are ready to go with a cake they are sure to love.

Once you have picked from our choice of birthday cakes for tennis lovers then its time to plan your party games to complete the tennis theme. While playing a whole 5 sets of tennis during the party may be a little much to ask, you could get your party guests playing a quick fun game of ‘First to 5’ on a short tennis court, host a tennis keepy uppy competition to see who can keep the ball on their racquet the longest or use an old tennis racket for your piñata weapon of choice.

We don’t just offer birthday cakes for tennis lovers here at Parteaz, we also have a wide range of other sport based birthday themed cakes for both kids and adult birthdays. Take a look at our main website for a fantastic selection of cakes for all sport fans including swimming, rugby, golf, kite boarding, football and karate


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