Blue’s Clues Party

Published : 05/02/2009 08:21:17
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Our kid's were home from school over the holiday break. The weather was cold and miserable, so there was not much outside play. There was a lot of television watching, though. Occasionally this led to some family fun.

My five year old daughter was watching Blue's Clues, and decided that we were going to have a Blue's Clues party just for our family. She sat down and cut out three paw prints from some blue construction paper she found mixed in an old bag of craft party supplies. She then told my eight year old son that she needed help dressing up like Blue. He found two blue pom poms that she fixed to a headband, and then wore as Blue's ears.

The kids talked through the game, and then figured that they had to invite an adult to the party. I was drafted to be Steve. My daughter, as Blue, placed her three paw prints. It was my job then to find the paw prints and write down the clues in my handy dandy notebook.

My son came along to help me, and did a fake drum roll and cymbal crash when I found the paw prints. Once I had all three clues I sat down in the big thinking chair to think, think, think! I was having fun at this party, and tried to put together the clues in some funny ways. Blue and my son corrected my mistakes, and encouraged me to think harder.

I did finally figure out the clues. The kids wanted to have popcorn and watch a movie with the family. I put some popcorn in the microwave. They found a DVD to watch. Blue took off her ears and turned back into my daughter. I rounded up my wife told her about our plans. She was ok with watching the movie, but she wanted her turn to play Blue's Clues first!

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