Bon Voyage Party

Published : 05/04/2009 08:59:01
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It's not goodbye, simply Bon Voyage. This kind of fair well party always makes parting, feel a bit more of an upbeat experience. Rather than a feeling of loss, this occasion lends itself more towards a positive future looking forward and I kind of like it.

My parents have been unofficially retired. I use the past tense, because with the recent economic trouble my father has decided to go back to work. Like many people looking for jobs, he was not able to find something in his specialty close to home. He was forced to broaden his search until he found an acceptable position. The position he found is in Boston, Massachusetts.   This is not the first time my father's job has taken my parents far from home. He worked in California for a year during the last economic meltdown. We were not as prepared then, but know better now what to do for them. We have to throw a Bon Voyage party!

A bit of research uncovered that the Boston Celtics, Boston's team in the National Basketball Association, or NBA, won the championship last season, and were doing very well this year too. We picked that as the theme for our party, figuring it would help my parents fit in if they learned something of the local culture. Besides, my dad doesn't even know other sports exist after football.

The Celtics' colours are green and white, so we used party supplies and decorations in these colours. We downloaded photos of the team winning the championship and hung them on the walls. We bought a kids' basketball game set and had all the kids put on a demonstration game. Our "Kevin Garnett" from the Celtics had great fun outscoring our "Kobe Bryant" from the LA Lakers.

I don't know if any of us actually learned anything about basketball, or the Celtics at this party, but we all had a great time at this Bon Voyage party. My parents are safely in Boston now, and we are hoping that they will be able to come back soon. They have promised to bring some authentic Celtics jerseys for the kids when they return.

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