Bonfire Party or moving party? - you decide

Published : 22/02/2009 19:31:36
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

My brother and I recently helped my sister and her family move from a flat that her family had outgrown to a house that would be big enough for her, her husband, and their two children. During the moving party, as she called it, my brother in law's parents came along to keep an eye on my young nephew and my one year old niece.

As it often goes with projects like this, what we thought would be a morning job followed by an afternoon and evening of fun turned out to be an entire day of hard labour that I, as the oldest person other than by brother in law's parents, am still recovering from. All of the adults, including the grandparents, were exhausted at the end of the day. My nephew was tired too, but refused to admit it.   Me: "Sam, I am ready for bed. Are you?" Sam: "No! I'm staying up like at a bonfire party." Me: "What’s a bonfire party?" Sam: "That's when we light a big fire at the cottage and stay up all night. My friend has a really big garden and once they had a huge bonfire party out the back."

Me:"That sounds like fun. What did you do at the bonfire party?” Sam: "We ate hot dogs. His Mum let me drink coke. His Dad made us wear  glow bracelets on our arms so he could see us in the dark." Me: "I'm tired just thinking about staying up all night. I want to go to bed right now!" Sam: “You can’t. Daddy says you still have work to do.”

My nephew is a smart kid, and very observant. As if on cue, my brother in law came around the corner and asked me to help him carry some boxes upstairs. The moral of this story is don't be fooled by the word party, when someone invites you along to such an event, it's moving you'll be doing, not partying!

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