Boost Your Reputation With This Party Trick

Published : 04/09/2010 13:00:45
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Party tricks are always popular, and those people who know a few party tricks often find themselves called upon to regularly come up with new ideas. Whether it is at children's parties, a family get-together, outdoor party or even just with a few friends at the pub, having a few party tricks up your sleeve in preparation is a great idea.

There are some party tricks which you can do on the spur of the moment, and others that might be a little bit of preparation in advance. In this blog we've already mentioned a couple of party tricks which you can try, and we will continue this theme by providing a regular stream of ideas for you to try out. This next party trick needs very little preparation, but can be pretty stunning. The best bit is that it can be done anywhere at all, any time at all. All you need is a telephone, a mobile is absolutely fine.

Imagine getting out a pack of cards, or even borrowing a pack of cards if you like, and letting a volunteer make a completely free choice of card. Once the volunteer has freely chosen their card, you ring up somebody you know.

As soon as they answer, without saying anything to them other than 'hello' to confirm that they are there, you immediately hand the telephone over to the volunteer, who is then told what card it is they have just chosen. The person at the other end of the phone doesn't even have to be anywhere nearby, and the stunt is certainly likely to raise a few eyebrows, and help to generate something of a reputation.

So would you like to know how this is done? It's actually very easy, and anyone can do it. Once you know the secret to this you can be performing it the same evening. Don't worry, I'm certainly going to give you the solution, but just not today! Check this blog out over the next few days and I will not only give you the solution, and but will also offer a few other party tricks you're bound to like.

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