Boozy Hawaiian Party Ideas

Published : 02/04/2009 13:03:20
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A Hawaiian themed party is a great way to stave off the winter cabin fever or celebrate the summer. If you have to have your party indoors, than scene wall settings will turn your living room into a tropical paradise in seconds. If you are able to have the party outside, you can still use the wall hanging on a wall of the house to take pictures in front of. Hang tropical flowers and put passion fruit around your tables for a look that will let your friends travel to exotic lands for free. Or at least for the cost of a good mango salsa.

It's very simple to find recipes for a luau inspired menu. If all else fails, try making fruit salads with all of the exotic fruits you can get your hands on, grill pineapple, and serve ham. Anything that has a fruity flavour will compliment your menu well. Tiki patterned or floral cups and glasses, as well as napkins and table covers will keep the theme going throughout your meal. You could also hollow out coconuts and use them as glasses. They are great for pina coladas or pineapple juices as the natural flavours add to the taste.

You can have your guests learn to hula-even if they don't really know how just have them put on a grass skirt and shake their hips along to the music. Another great activity is to limbo by placing a wooden stick, or having two party members hold it, at various heights and dance under it along to music. Get your guests great party bags with Hawaiian party tasters like miniature bottles of rum, parasols, dried pineapple rings, a couple of balloons and some colourful party poppers. Rather than giving them out when they leave why not hand them to guests when they arrive for an added bit of fun at your party.

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