Break Out Your Old Soda Stream at Your Next Party

Published : 27/06/2009 22:16:27
Categories : Party Food and Drinks , Party Planning and Entertainment

No matter what type of party you are throwing, break out your old soda stream for some new and improved entertainment. Adults and kids alike will get into a party with the ability to mix, blend, and create their own sodas, even if they are mixing it as a drink. The idea of throwing a party is to bring fun aspects together with people you like. A soda stream fountain is definitely one way to do this.

The caramel base of most pops, like Coke or Pepsi, can be purchased almost anywhere that party supplies and party enhancements are sold. You can also get cherry, vanilla, and lime soda additives to allow your guests to create something new and much better than what is on the market right now. If you are offering alcoholic beverages, try to pair up the flavoured alcohol with the flavours for the soda stream. For instance, if you have a citrus vodka it might go perfectly well with the lime soda syrup but should be used cautiously with a vanilla or cherry additive. Orange flavours, mint flavours, and any uniquely flavoured alcoholic beverage is usually best served with regular soda. If someone wishes to mix their flavours there is a good chance that much will be wasted. Fortunately, you can have enough soda stream syrup on hand to prevent running out of any flavoured syrups.

The more you and your guests get into making your own sodas and drinks, the more you will start to appreciate the overall value of adding a new entity into every party. While a soda stream is a simple little addition that can actually be a highlight of any party, remember that your guests still need to drink responsibly and keys should still be collected at the door. You and your guests can have lots of fun with a soda stream safely.

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