Bring The Dalek's to your Doctor Who Party

Published : 05/01/2009 06:58:31
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

If you want a party theme that appeals to both young and old then why not throw a Dr Who party which is very popular at present ,as it has been so for nearly forty years now. It gives scope for a massive amount of dressing up for a fancy dress party, plenty of scope for a quiz night or maybe even for a Dr who party around your wide screen T.V

In fact you can have a great party with a mix of all of these ingredients. Maybe you could get couples arriving as their favourite doctor and companion, youngsters could be dressed up as one of the famous monsters or simply create a monster theme of their own.

For the refreshments for your Dr who party you can attempt to make things a little different with the help of some food colouring. Pastries, drinks and sponge cakes can all be given an alien look by being a slightly strange colour. Green sponges, red pastries and soft drinks of a new colour.

In order to have some games and something for children to do why not throw a competition for the best fancy dress? By the way an old fashioned plastic linen basket (the tall ones with a lid ) turned upside down has the makings of a brilliant Dalek costume especially if you add tin foil and a few odds and sods to complete the look. Make up a couple of daleks and have the kids run races. Spin them around a few times for a some added It’s a Knock Out type fun and roll up with laughter when the inebriated adults take their turn!

It's easy to get pictures and decorations for your Doctor Who party, maybe even a 6 foot life size cut out of the Doctor or a Dalek and with some imagination, you can add your own twist to the night. Have a fun evening of celebrating a great British institution and both young and old will have fun during this perfect family event.

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