Build a Bear Party Workshop

Published : 15/02/2009 07:06:38
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Have you heard of Build a Bear Workshop? The idea is that kids can assemble their own teddy bear. In addition to building their own bear, kids can buy clothing and accessories for their new furry friend. You can go to a Build a Bear store, or schedule a party in your home where the Build a Bear team comes complete with everything you need to host a group of youngsters.

I had no idea that such a thing even existed, until my daughter attended a Build a Bear party. Our neighbour across the street has a five year old girl, the same age as my daughter. The two girls are great friends, and do everything they can together. When our friend planned her bear party, there was no doubt that my daughter would be invited.

Party guests were all girls. All the party supplies and decorations were age related - apparently bear themed products are hard to trek down. They had a snack served in wild animal food boxes and then picked out some clothes for their stuffed animals. Then they had to decide which animal they would build. Oddly enough, they were not limited to just bears. Choices included a white bear with light blue spots, a tiger, a dark brown bear, a light brown bear, and a moose. You choose your unstuffed animal, and then get started stuffing.

My daughter picked a light brown bear, and stuffed it through a hole in the back of the animal. Once the animals were filled, they were sewn shut. Then the kids used a foot pump to blow off any dirt from their bears. The animals were then named, and each kid sat with the party hostess to register their bear online. Each animal was named, assigned a gender and home country. My daughter came home from this bear party with an adoption certificate for a girl bear named Elizabeth. Unfortunately, she registered Elizabeth as coming from France. Nobody in our house can read the follow-up emails from Build a Bear, as they are all in French!

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