Buy ready filled Party Bags or do it myself?

Published : 14/02/2009 07:57:48
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

When planning a party for my children, the items that are typically left until last are the party bags. Neither my wife nor I enjoy working on party bags, so we tend to leave them until the end. We are then faced with the question of buying the bags pre-filled, or building our own.

The biggest deciding factor is time. If the party is an hour from now, it is not practical to build the party bags myself. I cannot get them done that fast. I can get some bags from the local shop, though. Given the choice of buying the bags as opposed to not providing bags at all, we would buy the pre-filled bags. Among the circles of friends that both of our kids are in, it is socially unacceptable to just skip the bags. If time is the critical factor, then a ready filled bag is the only way to go.

The downside of ready filled party bags is that they will undoubtedly cost more than if I build them myself. The total cost of the party, and therefore the party bags, is a definite factor in making my decision. My preference tends to be to spend as little as possible, and so if I have the time to build the party bags I would rather build the bags myself. I know the per-bag price will usually come in lower if I do them myself.

Our final consideration in the build or buy decision is the child we are throwing the party for. My son is more interested in maximizing the contents of party bags. My daughter is more interested in the overall presentation and professionalism of the bags. With her we lean strongly towards buying girls filled party bags that have already been pre done for us. With my son we lean more towards the do-it-yourself approach. Both kids are very skilled at overriding our decision making process.

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