Cake Ideas for your Child's Birthday Party

Published : 20/11/2008 21:20:09
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Planning a child's birthday party can be great fun. Children are easily pleased with any kind of decorations and games. What about the party cake? The easy way out is to buy a cake mix. Toss on some icing and sprinkles, and be done with it. Children want a bit more than that! They are seasoned critics when it comes to the party cake. It might be worth putting forth a bit of effort into a choice, and perhaps we can offer some suggestions.

Do you want to bake or buy the cake? It might be fun for you and your child to choose a birthday cake idea together. Depending on how complex the cake will be, you may decide to have it made for you. If you want to try it, the two of you can spend a great day together making it at home.

Does your child want a cake to match the party's theme? If you are having a Disney Princess party, you might choose a party cake design with Cinderella as the icing character. Throw in some of our themed party decorations or a princess scene setter to match the occasion perfectly.

What flavour are you going to choose? A chocolate lover will frown upon vanilla. A strawberry pink might not be the best match for a boy's Power Rangers party theme. Try to choose a flavour and colour that flows with party's theme.

What shape should you choose for the party cake? The cake's shape can match any part of the theme. This may test the limits of your baking abilities if the shape is too complex, but you can choose a simple shape and use icing as the main outline for the theme. In this case, you may choose to buy a pre-made cake in a shape that would other wise take too long to attempt on your own.

No matter what party cake you choose for your child's birthday, the children will all be pleased. Making a cake with your child can be the best part of the day. Buying one that meets specifications that are more demanding can also prove a wise choice! If you wish your Cinderella cake to look like a princess and your Thomas the Tank Engine cake to actually resemble the character (rather than a train wreck) then it's probably not a bad idea to leave this one to the experts.

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