Cakes for Your Wimbledon Finals Party

Published : 09/07/2016 14:26:16
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The Wimbledon Men’s final is happening this weekend and once again the whole country and getting behind Any Murray, hoping to see him win another Wimbledon Men’s Finals Championship.

With tennis fever gripping the UK there are sure to be plenty of Wimbledon finals parties taking place on Sunday as people gather to cheer Andy on together in the summer sunshine.

To help with you party planning we have put together some great ideas for your party as well as our pick of the best cakes for your Wimbledon finals party too.

Cakes for You Wimbledon Finals Party

Cakes for Your Wimbledon Finals Party

Tennis Court Cake

Get in to the sprit of Centre Court with our impressive Tennis Court Cake. Choose from Chocolate or Vanilla sponge and stick a good luck message on the top for whomever you would like to win.

Cakes for Your Wimbledon Finals Party

Tennis Ball Cake

Make your party a smash with our fun Tennis Ball Cake, you could even design the person on top to look like who you are cheering for to win the tournament.

Strawberries & Cream Cake

Nothing say’s Wimbledon like a bowl of Strawberries and Cream. This fantastic cake, custom made for the Wimbledon Finals, is a delicious tennis themed treat from start to finish.

Ideas for You Wimbledon Finals Party

Make an 'English Greats' playlist

From The Jam to the Spice Girls, The Beatles to Oasis and pretty much everything in between - England has produced some musical legends.

Make a party playlist celebrating everything great about British music for your party to set the mood; just don't forget a little Cliff Richard.

Host A Tennis Tournament

Loads of places offer free tennis courts in the community - so grab some friends, a few rackets and pack a picnic for a morning of tennis fun before coming home to continue your Wimbledon Finals Party with cake and bubbles at home. Tennis is a great sport to play at any level, and a fantastic way of getting outdoors and active with friends. Basic rules and more information on how to play the game can be found on the WHAT WEBSITE.

Hang Out The Bunting

Ask your guest to wear red, white and blue clothing or to bring a flag and Union Jack hat with them to your party.  Decorate the party with bunting and red, white and blue balloons and give your guests inflatable tennis rackets, balls and tennis player masks to play with. You could even set up a photo booth using a large sheet as your backdrop and digital camera on a stand for your guests to create some fun memories with your props.

Serve Fish and Chips

Cakes for Your Wimbledon Finals Party

To complement your choice of cake for your Wimbledon Finals party you need a traditional English meal for your party food. Fish and chips is our clear winner, but if that isn’t to your tastes then pie and mash would be another great choice. Just make you don’t forget the cakes for your Wimbledon finals party dessert.


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