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Published : 19/02/2009 06:47:17
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When we were younger, before we met each other, my wife and I both were avid campers. Camping for me as a teenager or young adult was really a code phrase for a party. My friends and I would bring beer, vodka, paper cups and an occasional snack. I should not have been so, but I was surprised to hear that my wife and her friends did something very similar.

My son expressed some interest in camping. My wife and I talked about our camping when we were younger, without including all of the details. I certainly feel a lot older now than I did then, and the thought of sleeping in a sleeping bag on the hard, cold, bumpy ground did not seem like the kind of party I wanted to attend.   Needless to say, I was first outvoted then my resistance was worn down. Their plan called for me to dig out the tent and sleeping bags, then put it all up in the house to make sure all the parts were there and that there were no holes in the tent. If there were, it was my job to either fix it or replace it.

  Fortunately, the camping gear has held up better over time than me. We then moved the party outside into the back garden. The plan at this point was to spend a night in the tent and make sure that the kids could sleep through all of the strange animal noises. They did not have a problem, but my wife went back in the house, complaining about the ground.   The kids did great. I slept too, but not well. Much like when I was younger, the worst part was the next morning. This time it was for a different reason-this old man was stiff and sore from sleeping on the ground. We finished off with a fried breakfast which we ate outdoors. There weren't any party bags to complete our little camping party, in fact there had been no cake either. None the less our full English tasted better than I can ever remember it tasting before and was the perfect finale to our camping party expedition- 30 feet outside our back door!

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