Candle Party

Published : 14/02/2009 19:03:02
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My wife has become good friends with a number of other women that have children the same age as ours. Apparently being a mother to children between five and eight years of age prompts these women to band together for self-defence. They also come together to support each other economically from time to time.

One such event that brought them together was a candle party. When I first heard of this, I laughed. Why would you need to have a party for candles? Can't you just order them online? As it turns out, you can indeed order birthday candles (and votive candles) online, but these are not the candles she was talking about. You do need a party if you want to sell special, healing, smells-good candles. Did I mention the expensive part? These candles are not bargain priced.   So, to sell these candles, it is best to turn the entire sales process into a party. The hostess (always a hostess, never a host) opens her doors and prepares snacks on doilies on paper plates with a few pretty party products dotted around. She can demonstrate the scents, and the mood setting efficacy of each candle. She can recommend her favourites, and pass them around. While no guest is required to make a purchase, it is understood that if you come to the event, and drink a glass of wine, you will buy something. To do otherwise would be bad form. It may take two or three glasses of wine, but everyone makes an order for a candle.

None of these women need an expensive frilly smelling candle. At least, not like I need to replace the scraped exhaust pipe on my motorcycle. That's a clear need. Candles? I don’t know. But, as I said, they stick together. I am sure that, if my wife had a party where she sold hand woven wicker baskets, they would all come to it and buy from her.


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