Cat Crazy Birthday Party

Published : 18/04/2009 19:24:07
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Your daughter is in love with her cat. Since she spoils the little feline with lots of love, why not spoil your child with a Cat Crazy Birthday Party? Invite your daughter's friends and family, and everyone will have a blast!

Order a Specialty Cake for the Birthday Party; make sure that you have a picture of her kitty. The cake can be customized in the cat’s likeness. Add some colourful candles, and you have a great picture-taking opportunity!

Table presentation is important, and decorating with Cat Party Supplies such as cats party cups, cats plates, and a cat tablecloth will look adorable and the children will get a kick out of it. Don't forget the cat balloons filled with helium, they can be strung with colourful ribbons and let them float to the ceiling. Kids love hats, so make certain that there are cat hats for all!

In keeping with an all cat motif, have the Snazaroo Face Paints ready. Paint the children’s faces in their favourite feline colour. Suggest to the children to behave like a cat and watch the fun happen! Provide Cats party bags filled with toys and goodies to keep the little kitties (children) content and happy.

Since your daughters cat is important to her, make sure her pet is involved. Dress up kitty and introduce the animal to the kids. There is no telling how long the cat will put up with the nonsense of meowing children, but it will be fun to watch! Have a Puuuuurfect Cat Crazy Party!

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