Celebrate your birthday 007 style with a Bond Party

Published : 27/11/2008 08:30:09
Categories : Film and Movies

With the November release of Quantum of Solace, it will once again be cool to be James Bond. (Of course Bond is one icon that never seems to really go out of style). As such, if you have an upcoming birthday party, you may be wondering how James Bond himself would have celebrated his.

Of course, Bond would have plenty of girls in attendance for his birthday party and like a fine wine have you noticed how he seems only to mature handsomely with age. In fact, he would probably be at a swanky club surrounded by plenty of gorgeous girls a fraction of his age. So if you want to celebrate your Bond party in true 007 style, you know very well the kind of clubs you'll need to be heading to then.

Bond would also never be seen without his signature drink. While yours may differ, Bond would never be spotted with anything other than his vodka and gin martini, shaken not stirred. In fact, Bond's martini known as a Vesper after the Bond girl from Casino Royale, is classic in that he combines both vodka and gin, something that martini snobs would likely make a few snide comments about I'm sure. Unbelievably, it has been over 50 years since Bond ordered his very first shaken, not stirred martini, and it is now much more common to add some individual martini flair to yours!

Finally, to complete your Bond party, you will want to rent a sleek sports car if you haven't cant quite got around to shopping for yours just yet. At the very least you'll need to have a birthday cake made in the style of your Austin Martin with a personalised number plate, just whilst you're waiting for the real thing to turn up of course!

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