Celebrate Your Birthday in Tinseltown!

Published : 20/11/2008 06:55:27
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

What luck! Here you are in Hollywood on your birthday! Hollywood's glitz and glamour is all around you. You take a walk along Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame. You find the pink terrazzo marble and brass stars on the sidewalk that pays tribute to your favorite actors of all time. You see them walking toward you! Each of them holds a birthday gift for you! Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Elvis Presley.......

Suddenly, you wake up. It was all a dream! Your trip to Hollywood is for business, and you trip is planned for next year. You'll be right here at home to celebrate your birthday next week in the usual way. Celebrating your birthday in Tinseltown is just a dream..or is it?

If you cannot go to Hollywood for your birthday, why not bring Hollywood to your birthday party? Decorations and supplies in the Hollywood style are all the rage. Turn your long living room wall into a Hollywood sign backdrop. Choose your favorite movie as a theme, and send invitations that look like famous movie posters.   We can assist you to make your Hollywood dream come true. We have done the work for you, offering a great selection of Hollywood scene setters and backdrops. Choose the Hollywood cityscape room setter or the Hollywood sign scene setter design 1 for your backdrop. Make your guests feel like they have arrived for the Oscars with the Red Carpet scene! Position life-sized cutouts throughout your home, and your special dream guests Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Elvis Presley will be there to celebrate with you.

Top it all off with special cups, Hollywood napkins and tableware designed with black and white stars and searchlight beams. Your guests will love the dazzle of gold star streamers that hang from your ceilings. Round out the evening’s festivities with a few Hollywood movie night party games. Your guests will laugh as they try to bust open the Oscar pinata. Keep them guessing all night with a Lights Camera Action party game!

Your dream birthday is possible, and you can celebrate your birthday in Hollywood after all! Talk to us about bringing Hollywood to you. Why not treat yourself by having the birthday party of your dreams…in Tinseltown!

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