Celebrate your Loved ones 100th Birthday the traditional way

Published : 24/11/2008 21:00:08
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

A telegram from the Queen is not the only present that your relative is likely to receive on their 100th birthday . It's truly an achievement when someone makes the milestone of 100 years of age...there are things they will have done and the things they will have seen that you could never even imagine. The very fact that they have survived through 2 World Wars, deserves at the very least, a round of applause and the biggest birthday celebration of their life!   OK so at the ripe old age of 100 it's not likely that anything too energetic will be appropriate, but a lovely surprise for your loved one would be to invite all the family for a good old fashioned gathering. Perhaps you could present them with the Queens telegram at their birthday party along with a scrap book of pictures and memories of all the family; a kind of "This is your Life" themed party. Maybe a scroll of your family tree would also make a great gift although you'll need to put in a bit of background work on this one. On the other hand a quick win and surefire way to impress is to send them a 100th birthday balloon gift to arrive on the big day.

Getting your hands on some 100th party supplies for the event may seem difficult but you will be surprised just how many party suppliers have special age decorations and 100th birthday party tableware. Many of us "elderly" party poopers may think that hiding our age is better than sharing it with the world, but your 100 year old relative grew up in different times and most likely would be more than happy to see you'd made the effort to get hold a few 100th shimmer napkins to dish out the birthday cake!

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