Charity party

Published : 07/12/2008 13:55:31
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

I am always thinking of few ways to make money for charity and have great ambitions of changing the world. This is a little ambitious alone; however with a group of friends teamed together it becomes a lot more achievable. After a few conversations on the phone the idea that hit me was that everyone had unwanted gift items that they had received by some unsuspecting member of the family. I decided to invent the idea of a Charity party where the presents were donated to a local organisation. I invited the guests and told them that although I was holding  a Charity party for my birthday, that I wouldn't be accepting any of the gifts that  they might bring and that any they did bring would be donated to charity (ungrateful moo!) The guests were asked to bring along any unwanted items knocking around at home and pretty soon the room was full of items. We all had a great time talking about future events that we could plan similar to this one, and after a few drinks we had organised the next international charity least in practice. The one item that was not donated was the lovely birthday cake that my friend so kindly ordered for me. After the guests had gone home and after a good night’s rest accompanied by a big glass of water and some paracetamol, my partner and I loaded up the car with a hoard of charity donations and took them to the local salvation army. The charity party had been a success and I must say that apart from a bit of a hang over and a couple of memory lapses, I really didn't feel quite so bad about growing another year older. I may even consider having another birthday next year!

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