Charles and Diana’s Wedding Breakfast Menu

Published : 26/07/2009 07:49:47
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Charles and Diana's wedding breakfast was held in tradition, a menu of fresh strawberries and cream, brill in lobster sauce, and supreme de voilaille Princess de Galles which is chicken breast stuffed with a fine lamb mousse. While there was naturally a beautiful and edible wedding cake on the wedding breakfast menu there were also a multitude of wedding cakes that were lining the walls that were sent as tokens of good fortune from bakers around the globe.

If you are looking for your wedding breakfast menu to be as gallant as those dined upon by royalty, start with your wedding cake. While wedding décor and wedding decorations can make a huge difference in the ambiance of your wedding, toasting with champagne flutes will still not be as remembered as your wedding cake. The rest of the wedding breakfast menu will be remembered, but not like the wedding cake.

There was something magical about the marriage of Charles and Diana, regardless of whether the wedding breakfast menu was fit for a future king. The tragedies that continued on from there were heartbreaking not just for a nation, but for the world. To celebrate with the couple and enjoy their wedding breakfast menu to the final moments of the burial of a "People's Princess," the initial 120 guests at the wedding breakfast will always have the moments of giddiness and giggles that the royal family enjoyed in private as the future Royal Family dined and looked forward.

May your own wedding breakfast menu be doused with the presence of royal treats with the hopes of a much fairer future. There will always be a love in the hearts of those who lived during the time of Diana, and there will always be a legend that will live on in the hearts of her people. We should all be so well loved and remembered.

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