Cheap Party Bags for Boys

Published : 20/02/2009 17:04:18
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

You know it's not socially acceptable to have a party for your son without providing party bag gifts for the attendees. This means you need to put together some party bags for your young male guests. But, you don't want to spend a fortune on each bag, do you. Clearly some cheap party bags for boys are in order.   When we plan parties for my daughter, she is very particular about having the theme of her party matched by the party bag itself. My son, who is three years older, is not as concerned about theme matching. He has figured out that he can get more stuff into the party bag if less is spent on the bag itself. Brown paper bags would be just fine for him. He is more interested in what goes inside than how well the outside matches. And that's just fine with me too. I will consider buying boys Filled Party Bags already done for me, but the price has to be cheap and time of the essence. We have party guests (kid's on my son’s football team) with peanut and chocolate allergies, so most sweets that I like are not eligible to be included in the party bags. Starbursts do pass the ingredients test, though. They are individually wrapped, so we can buy several sticks of them, open them up, and drop three or four in every bag. We do the same with stick chewing gum, again because they are individually wrapped. Dinosaurs are popular with this crowd, so we'll get two packets of sticker sheets, and break those out. For a toy we'll get a few packets of plastic dinosaurs, or cars, and break them out. The overall approach is first to not spend much at all on the bag itself, then buy toys in a package where they can be separated and distributed, one or two, into each party bag. And that's the way we'll build up cheap party bags for these boys.

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