Cheap Party Bags for Children's parties

Published : 29/01/2009 13:30:44
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

The very concept of party bags boggles my mind. I have to give gifts to the guests to get these kids to come to my son or daughter's party?  Well, according to my wife, I do. That is, unless I want my children to be ostracized and scarred for life. I'll take her word on that, and proceed on to trying to make the party bags as inexpensively as possible.

Three years ago I gave my son a stack of brown paper bags and a set of crayons. My instructions were to draw something on them, so that we could use them as cheap party bags. That did not work out as well as I planned, but we have decorated bags with stickers and glitter glue. This does save a bit in the overall party bag expense.

We tend not to use the homemade bags any more. As the kids get older, the peer pressure to have a professional looking party bag is growing stronger and stronger. Now we get cheap party bags that are generic and cam be used for parties other than just a themed birthday party. These are slightly less expensive than the explicitly themed football or princess bags.

For fillers, I favour packages of sweets that can be broken up into individual pieces. The kids feel like they are getting better value because instead of one single sealed item they have four or five different sweets. It just feels like more stuff and it does help you to make up a bundle of cheap party bags; well cheapish anyway. I take the same approach with sheets of stickers. I won't get a package for each kid, but instead will buy a box, open it up, and give each kid a strip or two. I'll do the same thing with toys-break them out and give each kid one. We end up with a cheap yet functional party bag, and hopefully avoid years of therapy for the children.

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