Chess Party

Published : 23/02/2009 13:45:44
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Towards the end of last year, we had a family get-together. It was not a formal Christmas or New Year party, just a time to get aunts, uncles, and cousins together when the adults were home from work and the children were home from school. During these informal gatherings, the adults tend to congregate in one room, and the kids tend to congregate wherever the adults are not.

An interesting trend happens. The boys separate from the girls. This may not seem too odd, but there are vast differences in age of these kids. The oldest boy is nineteen or twenty, depending on who shows up. The youngest boy is usually my son, age eight. It’s quite a swing. I would have thought that the teenagers would stick together, and the younger kids would stick together. It is a credit to my older nieces and nephews that they are able to play with their younger cousins so well.

During this party, two of the boys pulled out a chess board. One was sixteen, the other ten. The sixteen year old clearly outmatched the ten year old, but the game attracted some attention. Kids and adults came in to watch the boys play. We gave some coaching to the ten year old, and he was able to string the game out longer than he would have otherwise done. Even his opponent was counselling him on some of his moves.   The game itself prompted discussion among the adults, about how we all used to play chess in the past but don't do it now, and how we should all teach our kids the game and use it to spend more time with them. On the way home from this party, I joked with my wife that, given my chess skills, I should stick to playing pinball games - something that wouldn’t have me out in just a few moves!

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